Right Fabrics for your Elisalex Dress

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Right Fabrics for your Elisalex Dress
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The Elisalex Dress, a popular sewing pattern by By Hand London, is known for its flattering princess-seamed bodice and distinctive tulip-shaped skirt. Selecting the right fabric is crucial for achieving the desired look and feel of the dress. Here's a guide to help you choose the best fabrics for your Elisalex Dress:

1. Consider the Structure of the Dress

  • Bodice: Look for fabrics that can support the structured shape of the bodice.
  • Skirt: The tulip skirt requires a fabric with some body to maintain its shape.

2. Fabric Choices

  • Brocade: Offers a luxurious feel and inherent structure, ideal for special occasions.
  • Medium to Heavyweight Cotton: Provides structure while being easy to work with. Suitable for a more casual look.
  • Sateen: Gives a slight sheen and adequate body, perfect for a dressy version without being overly formal.
  • Wool Crepe or Wool Gabardine: Excellent for cooler weather, these fabrics offer a nice drape while maintaining the shape of the skirt.
  • Jacquard: Known for its intricate patterns woven into the fabric, it adds texture and depth to the dress.
  • Velvet or Embossed Velvet: For a winter dress or a luxurious evening version, these fabrics offer a rich texture and elegant appearance.
  • Linen or Linen Blends: Great for a summer Elisalex, providing a relaxed and breathable option.

3. Fabric to Avoid

  • Very Lightweight Fabrics: Such as chiffon or light silk, as they won't support the structure of the skirt.
  • Extremely Stiff Fabrics: Like heavy upholstery fabrics, they might be too rigid for the dress.

4. Consider Fabric Stretch

  • Ideally, choose a fabric with little to no stretch. The Elisalex Dress is designed for woven fabrics, not knits.

5. Lining Material

  • Choose a lining that complements your main fabric. Bemberg rayon or a lightweight polyester lining works well.

6. Fabric Quantity

  • Check the pattern envelope for the amount of fabric required. It varies with the width of the fabric and the size you're making.

7. Other Considerations

  • Prints vs. Solids: Bold prints can look stunning, but remember that large prints can get lost in the folds of the skirt.
  • Seasonality: Choose heavier fabrics for winter and lighter ones for summer.
  • Your Skill Level: If you're a beginner, you may want to start with a more forgiving fabric like medium-weight cotton.

8. Customization

  • Feel free to modify the length of the skirt or sleeve to suit your style and the fabric you've chosen.

Remember, the Elisalex Dress is a canvas for your creativity. Fabric choice can completely transform the look of the dress, so consider what occasion you're sewing for and your personal style preferences. It's always a good idea to make a muslin first, especially if you're using a more expensive fabric or trying a new modification.

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